What do we offer?

  • Ceramic tiles and stoneware tiles for wall and floor for the quantity buyer at very competitive prices
  • Branded tiles from Germany and Europe as well as selected international manufacturers
  • Tiles from luxury and design segment, to standard assortment and special offers (remaining stocks, special items and production surpluses) at prices, you would not consider possible
  • Margin optimization in parallel to your existing product range - you can add high margin products to your product range increasing your average margin and enabling special offers to attract additional customers
  • Push for your tile business

Who are we and what enables us to make this offer:

  • We are a trading company with 175 years of experience in the market for construction materials and a strong specialization in tiles.
  • As a reliable and reputable partner with a first-class financial soundness and long-standing contacts to the tile manufacturers.
  • We are a 100% family-owned and family-managed. As such we are able to respond to and decide about demands of our partners in the industry ad-hoc.
  • The tile industry faces challenges like overproduction, remaining stock when changing assortments, limited storage, alterations in the firing process resulting in slight changes of color and size (which might still fit the norm – but not the manufacturer’s assortment standards). We help to manage these challenges by acquiring those stocks in volumes of some ten thousands of square meters at once. We subsequently distribute them into markets which do not affect the manufacturer’s regular market.
  • In addition to the distribution we successfully operate tile stores with local partners in the Baltic States. If you are interested to become a partner to operate your business under a professional concept see here (link zu Partner für Konzept gesucht seite)
  • Benefit from our sourcing network!

Who do we offer this to?

  • Our offer is aimed at any commercial customer who buys in large quantities.
  • We supply to customers worldwide.

Interested? How does it work?:

  • Contact us by email or by phone. Our staff is glad to get to know you and your demands. We speak English, Polish, Turkish and German.
  • We need some time to ensure that you are either a retailer or a large scale consumer. After these enquiries we will give you access to one more of our online stores. Which stores you can access will depend upon you geographic location.
  • You order the tiles in the quantities you need online.
  • For new customers we need a prepayment. After some time of successful cooperation and if we can cover your order by a credit insurance and we will agree on the terms of payment.
  • We sell ex warehouse in Germany, so you or your carrier will pick up the tiles at a warehouse in Germany. Within Europe and some few other countries we are able to deliver the tiles at place in which case the cost of carriage needs to be reimbursed.